Archos 604 Operating System

New Features / Improvements / Bug Fixes

Version 1.0.00
Initial Operating system

Version 1.1.00

- More italian translations
- More russian translations
- Audioplayer: reduce the inter track latency for protected content (DRM)

Bug fixes:
- Fix video thumbnails
- Fix file rename in the browsers / recorders
- Fix craddle recognition and crash when unplug the device from the craddle
- Fix battery measurement on a404, a604
- Fix some audioplayer hangs
- Fix macrovision signalling and protected video content recording

Version 1.1.05

- Increase battery life when playing audio
- Make photowall display and photo display smoother and faster

Bug fixes:
- Fix chinese outlined characters display (overlay menus)
- Fix playback of WMA mono tracks
- Fix some larsen in the audiocorder
- Fix center the picture when play back 4/3 video content on a TV-PAL-16/9
- Fix video playback had some glitches with high bitrates (buffer underruns)
- Fix USB did not attach sometimes for some units
- Fix USB HOST PTP with Canon Exilim
- Fix buttons lock require a 1.0 sec pressure
- Fix IR blaster could sometimes not work at all
- Fix some GUI glitches
- Fix some crashes

Version 1.1.06

- Support HDD up to 160GB

Bug fixes:

Version 1.2.05

- Improve audio quality, especially in silence periods of music
- More chinese translations / Fix chinese overlay menus
- More dutch translations
- More czech translations
- More spanish translations
- More polish translations
- More hungarian translations
- New "Repair & Format" menu
- The default setting for External Display is now Composite
- The default setting for the audio is now Rock EQ and Bass boost = 2
- USB HOST PTP automatic synchro now supports also video files
- Faster zoom in the photoviewer now with the accelerator buttons
- Support playback of DRM WMV9 movies
- Support grayscale progressive JPEGs
- Photos can now be displayed fullscreen on the LCD
- Audio player is now true gapless
- Add ratings for audio tracks (view and modify)
- Support playback M3U playlists
- Keep current playlist open in the browser if stop audioplayer when playing a playlist
- Support playback of playlists sync'ed with Windows Media Player 10
- Support audio album art sync'ed with Windows Media Player 10
- Support synchronisation of track ratings and playcount with Windows Media Player 10
- Shows up device icon and Archos logo in Windows Media Player 10

Bug fixes:
- Fix videocorder could crash the unit if LCD goes off
- Fix videocorder auto format detection did not work correctly for NTSC
- Fix stereo could be inverted in audio record or playback
- Fix audiocorder could bug if the hard disk is full
- USB MTP (aka Windows mode) link more robust
- DRM playback more robust
- Remove some pops and clics when starting the device, starting playback, track transition, stopping playback
- Fix backlight timeout is not greater than poweroff timeout
- Fix battery measurement on a504
- Fix TV/LCD toggle button require a too long pressure
- Fix USB HOST operation when the device is pluggued in the boombox
- Fix IR blaster did not work with some code families (e.g. Philips units)
- Fix default wallpaper
- Fix some GUI glitches
- Fix some russian translations
- Fix some hebrew translations

Version 1.2.08

Bug fixes:
- Fix some random firmware update failure

Version 1.3.08

- Allow analog/SPDIF switching on cradle at will
- Output audio through the cradle analog line out when playing audio and spdif not activated
- Improve performance when deleting files through USB in Windows Device mode
- More chinese translations

Bug fixes:
- USB MTP (aka Windows mode) more robust with full speed host
- Fix a bug with PTP recursive copy
- Fix an Arclib bug when the audiocorder folder was deleted
- Fix USB host could not write to memory cards smaller than 64 MB.
- Fix USB host writing to a protected memory card
- Fix wallpaper lost when doing a format level 1
- Fix one photo was sometimes not shown in photowall
- Fix some visual glitches in photo transition
- Fix a bug when playing many video files in row
- Fix a bug when playing one video file in loop for many hours

Version 1.4.03

- Support Helmet Camera, with timestamp
- Allow mute/unmute the speaker while recording video
- Fix video record resolution at the optimal setting

Bug fixes:

Version 1.4.06

- Allow displaying on TV extern while helmetcorder is plugged
- Allow to start an helmetcorder recording from standby mode

Bug fixes:
- Make it possible to start charge over USB while viewing a video
- Arclib sometimes crashed when entering Music/Photo if it is empty.

Version 1.4.07

Bug fixes:
- Makes Arclib more robust to broken ID3V2 and WMA/ASF tags
- Fix bad behavior of the photo viewer zoom when music is playing in background

Version 1.5.04

- Support plugin videopodcast (H264 and AAC codecs)
- Display the plugins info in the System menu
- USB connection faster in Windows Device mode
- LCD now turns off automatically after a long USB connection (save power)
- Always output audio on the analog output of the DVR station (music playback or video playback)
- Improved video playback quality on LCD (a504 and a604) with very dark movies (fix persistance trails)
- Improved playlist management and playlist playback in shuffle mode

Bug fixes:
- Detect correctly all the video files recorded with a Archos PMA400
- Fix changing video playback speed could crash the unit
- OSD nicer on the TV output
- Make videorecording with HelmetCam more stable
- Fix selecting an empty folder in the photo browser could crash the unit
- Fix hard disk free space in the videorecorder
- Fix some GUI glitches

Version 1.5.52

- Support plugin cinema (MPEG-2 and AC3 codecs; .vob, .mpg and .ps file formats)
- New podcast category in ARCLIB

Bug fixes:
- Fix MPEG-4, H264 and AAC decoder bugs
- Fix playback glitches with some WMV9 video files protected with WMDRM10 (sound was noisy sometimes)
- Fix SPDIF sound is sometimes cracking on 504
- Make Exif parser more robust against corrupted files
- Fix some Arclib issues with very large number of files
- Display plugin names in the system menu
- Factory reset now does reset theme and font color
- Fix some issues with video recorder encryption
- Turn on charge LED when usb attached on 504
- Improve french virtual keyboard

Version 1.5.55

Bug fixes:
- Fix some issues with video recorder encryption

Version 1.5.56
- Better handling of low battery conditions to increase the autonomy, especially in video playback.
- Add a charging reminder message.
- More user-friendly "plugin missing" messages.

Bug fixes:
- Allow automatic power off on battery low when USB is plugged, to prevent battery full discharge in some cases.

Version 1.5.57

Bug fixes:
- Fix video playback in H264 (with podcast plugin) or WMV9 could crash or hang the unit

Version 1.6.04

- Audio: Better sound presets.
- Arclib: Arclib maximum capacity increased.
- Video: Support VC1 encoded video files.
- Video: Support MJPG encoded .AVI and .MOV files.
- Video: Enable animated thumbnails for DRM videos.
- Videocorder: Allow recording of widescreen NTSC content.
- Photo: Use EXIF orientation to avoid rotating every Picture by hand.
- Photo: Take rotation into account for wallpapers.
- Photo: Declare ".jpe", ".jfif" and ".jif" as valid picture files.
- Photo: Support CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK ) jpegs.
- GUI: Improved battery status display in the statusbar.

Bug fixes:
- Audio: Album Art synchronization with Windows Media Player 11.
- Audio: When using the video browser, the audio in background was sometimes lost.
- Audio: duration was wrong in info with some MP3 VBR tracks.
- Audio: Fix elapsed/remaining time corrupted when switching from a track >1h to a track <1h.
- Video: folder+shuffle mode sometimes failed.
- Video: Some .MP4 files did not stop at the end.
- Video: ASF files with 0 sized chunks did stop playback.
- Video: ASF FPS estimate was sometimes wrong.
- Video: Image better centered in original and auto modes.
- Video: Fix jerky playback of H264 B-frames after seek.
- Video: Better A/V sync at start and after seeking.
- Videocorder: Apply PAL PLUS correction if detected during recording.
- Videocorder: Preview better centered on TV.
- Camcorder: avoid image blinking is some conditions (404cam only).
- Photo: Fix weird effect when scrolling portrait pictures in photowall.
- Photo: Fix thumbnails could be displayed on background of sound/settings screens
- Photo: Portrait picture zoom sometimes crashed on TV-out.
- Photo: Fix corrupted band at the right of some picture on TV-out NTSC 4/3.
- Photo: Allow sound control with the IR remote.
- Photo: do not try to zoom small pictures.
- USB host: Some devices did not work high speed due to CRC errors on the bus.
- USB MTP: sometimes cancel didn't work with usb full speed.
- DVR station: video pass through mustn't be disabled as soon as the unit is on the DVR station.
- GUI: Repair and format menu displayed was empty after toggling video output.
- GUI: Suppress some video glitches on TV when no external module is plugged.
- GUI: Fix issues when switching LCD/TV output with the USB charge message displayed.
- GUI: Fix ARClib update messagebox overwriting the charge message at startup.

Version 1.6.10

- Video: Support MPEG-TS files playback (require cinema plugin)
- DVR station: in S-Video out mode, S-Video Y signal is also on yellow output

Bug fixes:
- Video: Fix u-law support for .MP4/.MOV files
- Video: Fix playback of 16bit mono PCM in .MP4/MOV
- Video: Fix sound sometimes broken after seek in .MP4/.MOV files
- Video: Fix playing 4/3 videos in PAL TV 16/9 AUTO mode without corruption
- Videocorder: Fix recording videos in composite PAL/SECAM from a VCR without chroma
- Photo: Fix garbage at bottom of thumbnails
- Photo: Fix thumbnail of previous screen is not cleared when toggling TV/LCD with thumbnail slideshow running
- Photo: Fix slideshow sound/settings menu can be partially or completely cleared when slideshow run on background
- Photo: Fix slideshow menubar zoom button isn't added at right time on rotation
- Photo: Fix getting the right info while the photowall is drawing thumbnails
- GUI: Fix help browser content can be wrong after return from video browser
- GUI: Fix page down in video/help browser with one or less item
- GUI: Fix helmetcorder vertical volume bar isn't grayed when speaker is muted to avoid larsen
- GUI: Fix slideshow menubar is blended after moving over item with popup
- USB: Fix wrong detection of USB device when USB cable is plugged/unplugged while in message box
- Update: Fix some firmware updates or plugin installation failed once and then worked fine (error code 10)
- WMV DRM: Fix playback of WMV DRM files could fail for rented videos (after setting a bookmark)
- WMV DRM: Fix transition firmware 1.5.57 to 1.6.04 could loose DRM licenses for pre-loaded content (Depeche Mode)

Version 1.6.20

- Photo: allow to turn slideshow transitions off
- Videocorder & Audiocorder: audio gain is now from -12dB to +10dB
- Videocorder: Widescreen setting in now saved
- PDF: Added right to left language support

Bug fixes:
- Video: high bitrate VOB files with AC3 played jerky
- Video: fix video playback pausing for a second when buffering from disk starts
- Video: ASF MPEG4 files from Hitachi cameras hanged the unit
- Video: pause symbol in statusbar updated after saving the current video frame as wallpaper or thumbnail
- Video: when playing a video with multiple audio tracks in slow motion, the current speed was not visible on 404
- Music: MP3 parser more robust
- Music: Sometimes the player hanged after a resume
- Music: some MP3 album art ware not displayed although embedded in ID3tag
- Photo: fix info displayed in info screen disappeared after a TV/LCD toggle
- USB: Fixed PTP issues with EOS300D
- TV output: S-Video mode was not working after a standby or a TV/LCD toggle

Version 1.6.23

Bug fixes:
 - Video: Supports larger MP4 files
 - Video: Fix some WMV files not playing correctly
 - Video: Fix some MP4 files not playing correctly
 - Audio: Fix noise appearing sometimes after switching from SPDIF to Analog Line-Out

Version 1.6.53

New Features
 - Video Player: Add support for subtitles files: .srt, .sub, .smi, .ssa
 - Video Player: Play subsequent VOB files together as one file
 - Audio Player: Add support for PNG and BMP album arts

Bug Fixes:
 - Sound: Improved SPDIF compatibility
 - Sound: Fix sometimes audio/video is not sync in SPDIF
 - Sound: Fix drop-outs between tracks in SPDIF
 - Sound: Fix for first 200ms lost when starting to play audio or video
 - Video Player: Fixed issues with some AVI files
 - Video Player: Fixed issues with some MP4 files
 - Video Player: Fixed issues with files encoded using FairUse
 - Audio Player: Fixed issues with some M4A files
 - Video Recording: Fix sometimes the video is recorded at double speed
 - System: Fix USB compatibility with XBOX360
 - System: Fix crash when reading thumbnail files generated by an Archos Gen5 device